About The Ark Spot

Find Your Spot Today!

The Ark Spot is building a community throughout the United States and around the world. We are forward thinkers and are joining together to share and build a better world. Each of us is searching for a place to belong. We are building this community around a concept that brings everyone together in a place you can feel at home. Enjoy The Ark Coffee Bar, which offers you only the very best blends of coffees/teas. Don’t forget to visit The Ark Bakery, which offers you the finest baked goods from a variety of brands, the perfect compliment to a fresh cup of coffee or tea. The Ark Gift Shop brings you  apparel & accessories, greeting cards, awesome gifts and so much more. You will find plenty of tasty snacks to satisfy your hunger at The Snack Shack.

Our Mission

The mission of The Ark Spot is simple – building a community. While our coffee bar, bakery, and gift shop are the primary way that The Ark Spot fulfills this mission, we also desire to share love and friendship with everyone we meet.


The Ark Spot’s President and CEO, Darrel K. Zehm, founded the company in 2018. Starting with an idea of creating a place that everyone can feel comfortable sharing the love and friendship with one another, The Ark Spot was born in part of the same building that host DKZ DESIGNS LLC, a web/graphic design studio, and coworking space. Darrel K. Zehm, makes his home together with his wife and son, Beverly Hills, Florida.  Darrel K. Zehm, started web/graphic designs studio shortly after graduating 3 different colleges, to help small businesses and non-profits to have an online presence, no matter their budget. Where many companies are overcharging their clients, Darrel K. Zehm always believed that if you make it affordable, they will use your services and products again and again. He credits his faith with keeping him going when many times he thought about throwing in the towel and quitting. But it was his vision and desire to change the way customers are treated and to take care of them after the product or service was sold. He still manages his company with, “treat others the way you want to be treated”.

Sharing Love & Friendship

The Ark Spot desire to share love and friendship with everyone they meet. It’s with fun, relaxing atmosphere that you will experience each and every time you visit. We invite you to find your spot today!


Today The Ark Spot occupies 1/2 of the building containing parent company, DKZ DESIGNS LLC’s main office space. The Ark Spot desires to continue to grow, opening additional locations throughout the east coast.

Giving Back

The Ark Spot shares the same vision as it’s parent company in being a giving company, strongly committed to tithing and giving 10% discount to military and seniors.